Greggs Foundation

Thanks to generous donations from the Greggs Foundation, four of our Rivers Trusts have delivered the following:

  • The South East Wales Rivers Trust (SEWRT) are working on a European Eel Project throughout schools and educational establishments. The European Eels is derived from one stock only and it has lost 95% of the species up to the 1980s and this decline has continued. Several volunteers in the Trust have devoted considerable time and effort to running this programme and without them it would not have been possible.
  • The Severn Rivers Trust (SRT) are working with communities throughout the Severn catchment to raise awareness of the benefits of good water management. SRT are also delivering ‘River Friendly’ education days at primary schools, introducing ‘rain gardens’ to 2 schools. SRT have also worked with Greggs volunteers.
  • The Clwyd, Conwy & Gwynedd Trust are currently delivering their ‘Finding Torgoch’ project. One school is engaged with Arctic Charr in the classroom linked with the water quality problems at Llyn Padarn. 2 further schools have signed up for trout in the classroom, students will be raising trout for release back into the wild. A Habitat Survey and Restoration Techniques workshop was held .
  • The West Wales Rivers Trust have employed a Trust Development Officer (TDO), Kathy, who has been in post since March 2018. Kathy has been developing the charities outreach including their social media and website. She has also been instrumental in creating a Supporter & a Sponsorship Scheme, these are to enable members of the public and local businesses alike to contribute to the conservation work of the Trust. The Development Officer has been tasked with the capacity building of the Trust by seeking external funds for important conservation projects throughout Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire & Ceredigion.
  • The Wye & Usk Foundation has developed an educational strategy associated with water quality and linked this with key stage 4 in the national curriculum, with delivery in one secondary and one primary school. Water quality testing kits have been supplied. Engagement with Cllr William Powell, & Kirsty Williams, AM, Cabinet Secretary for Education has provided further support and promotion of the project. Engaging materials for students have been developed using this funding.
  • The Carmarthenshire Fisherman’s Federation (CFF) has conducted miles of Himalayan balasam removal and mapping within the Tywi catchment, and have engaged community groups and anglers alike in this endeavour. The Fishermans Federation have now removed significant blockages within sub catchments of the Tywi in order to enable easier salmonid migration. Please see more details of this project here:

It is hoped to extend these projects and to build new ones..

Above: the SUDS model house and children taking part in the ‘Yellow Fish Campaign’ (Severn Rivers Trust)

Below: The European Eel project, children and DCWW’s Gail Davies taking part (South East Wales Rivers Trust)