Our vision is clean, healthy rivers for every community in Wales

About Afonydd Cymru

We represent the regional Rivers Trusts with Natural Resources Wales and Welsh Government, but above all, we champion Wales’ thirty-three rivers, and the many lakes and smaller watercourses. Their environment, fish and fisheries and the wide range of diverse species depend on clean water and unspoilt habitats.

To achieve our vision, our aim is to

  • Restore all Welsh rivers to good ecological status
  • Build an expanded and more effective Rivers Trust movement in Wales with a long-term, sustainable funding base
  • Eliminate the current high levels of water pollution
  • Influence relevant legislation, policy and practice and challenge to protect and enhance Wales’ freshwater environment
  • Gain greater public awareness of rivers and the work of the Rivers Trust movement

Our new Business Strategy outlines how we will do this here


The State of the River Usk Report

The State of the River Usk Report

Afonydd Cymru have published the State of the River Usk report, authored by Guy Mawle, an Independent Fisheries Consultant with a distinguished career in fisheries …

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What We Achieved In 2020-21

Our Rivers Trusts

Afonydd Cymru: Caring for Welsh Rivers

There is no more important time to take on this role. In 2019, Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency …

- Gail Davies-Walsh CEO, Afonydd Cymru

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