Soil Loss

The loss of soil and poor soil management present a significant impact to watercourses AND a loss of income to farmers (through loss of organic matter, compaction etc).

Afonydd Cymru would like to have specific standards for soil and are working to influence the Sustainable Management Scheme.

Welsh river trust farm advisors provide soil management advice, such as cover cropping, soil monitoring, compaction and organic matter advice. We also deliver restoration activity to improve riparian corridors including fencing, alternative stock access to water and buffer strips.

Afonydd Cymru are also working with food retailers and suppliers and food associations to drive change in the supply chain in Wales. We would like to see food standards strengthened, including environmental targets as well as the current animal welfare and farm infrastructure ones. More importantly, we want to see good farmers rewarded for good farming, we want to drive sustainable, food production in Wales and we want to consumers to recognize the importance of high quality, well-farmed food.